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Immunopatient on the Air: Radio Interview about Cancer, Life, Immunotherapy, Lessons Learned

John McGauley is a talented writer, newspaper columnist and now, radio host on WKBK in New Hampshire. I was honored to be his debut guest to discuss my new book,  Immunopatient. I’ve been working on it for several years, and  Hatherleigh Press is publishing it this fall. You can order it here.



Immunotherapy researcher Gordon Freeman takes stock

It had been almost a year since I had last visited pioneering cancer researcher Gordon Freeman in his office at Dana-Farber. On this blustery fall day I was using a cane, hoping that the reason for my limp and sore thigh was tendon and tissue strain, not new cancer or complications from treatment, recent surgery, and radiation.


Gordon Freeman

The security guard in the lobby printed me a temporary ID card and pointed the way to the staff elevator that would take me to the fifth floor.

“You’ll have to swipe the ID once you get in the elevator,” she said. “Otherwise you won’t be able to get up there.” Continue reading Immunotherapy researcher Gordon Freeman takes stock

Beating the Worry that Comes with Cancer

For a Stage IV cancer survivor I’ve got a lot going for me:
— Clean brain MRIs for more than a year; cancer free from the neck down for more than two.
— My older son is getting married in a few months. My younger son, who graduated last May, just got word he’ll be teaching in Austria next year on a Fulbright program.
— My wife and I support each other, and we’ve weathered the storm of a Stage IV cancer diagnosis, surgeries, radiation treatments, forced semi-retirement, and the uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis.
Despite my good fortune at being a complete responder, so far, in a clinical trial that I am fortunate to be part of, I can’t shake feelings of unease.

Continue reading Beating the Worry that Comes with Cancer

I’m not religious, but I appreciate your thoughts and prayers

A former work colleague sends me the occasional email to check in, and always mentions that he prays for me every day. A devout Catholic, and a low-key, capable, and helpful telecommunications professional, Steve is one of dozens of friends, colleagues, acquaintances and relatives who has been thinking and in some cases praying for me during my illness. I can’t thank them enough.  Continue reading I’m not religious, but I appreciate your thoughts and prayers